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Building your dream home.

Bespoke Homes is a West Michigan construction company with a singular focus – building the home of your dreams.

Matt Reinsma, one of the most experienced home builders in West Michigan, brings a level of excellence and dedication to each and every project that exceeds expectation. Whether you are building a new home or beginning a renovation, your happiness is our first priority.

With over 20 years of industry experience, we have a reputation based on the extraordinary. Our custom built homes and renovations represent more that a house or a project, rather they are a journey that we personally take with the homeowner. Our attention to detail, trade relationships, and education centered approach blends seamlessly into classic design – resulting in a home that is nothing less than perfect.

About Matt Reinsma

Matt is one of the top home builders in West Michigan’s construction industry.

With over 20 years of experience, he has managed over $100 million in residential construction, ranging from renovations to high end custom homes, advanced mechanical systems, and millwork projects. Bespoke Homes is a product of his creative vision and belief in the power of personal relationships. His broad knowledge base and extensive capabilities has positioned Bespoke Homes as a company that can handle any project, no matter the size or requirements.

As a boutique construction firm, Matt works with each client first-hand – he is the owner and project manager. That level of direct interaction reduces the amount of red tape and financial cost many homeowners encounter at larger firms with high project volumes. At Bespoke Homes, you are literally his number one client.

Over the past 20 years, Matt has interacted one-on-one with contractors related to every aspect of home construction all over Michigan. This has granted him access to tradesmen and suppliers that perform at the top level, take pride in high quality work and don’t shy away from a challenge. He has a track record of taking care of his tradesmen, and in return, has grown relationships based on trust and loyalty. Contractors associated with Bespoke Homes embrace positivity and fully dedicated to the project. In other words, when you work with Matt and Bespoke Homes, you work with the best of everyone the industry has to offer.

A home is an emotional investment.

We believe in leading the clients through the emotional process of building a one-of-a-kind home and are not satisfied until you are absolutely thrilled with what’s in front of you – anything less is not enough. We live for the moment when we see the look on your face when your dream has come alive. There are a few major moments in someone’s life and building a home at this caliber is toward the top. It’s as much an emotional investment as a financial one, and if the builder doesn’t recognize the emotional ties between a client and their home, what kind of result will you get?

Personal attention is our priority.

At Bespoke Homes, we understand that home building and is very personal business, and make it a point to take on very few projects at a time. We limit our project volume to guarantee the client direct interaction with the builder – not just the project manager. Personal attention is a key part of our process. We are intentionally small company so you receive consistent communication, a partnership, and the confidence that your home is our number one priority.

We believe in making homes comfortable through education.

We believe that multiple components make up the look and feel of a space and take the time to educate our clients on the latest technologies in mechanicals/smart homes. We’ve done our job when the homeowner or guest says “this feels good” AND “this looks good.” We come up with solutions that not only make your home look aesthetically pleasing, but improve your quality of life. Some builders are solely profit-focused and concerned with quick project turnaround. They don’t offer their clients options like advanced mechanical systems with radiant heat, lighting control, air flow, or temperature control because talking through the benefits of smart home technology takes time. We value customer satisfaction over quick turnaround and go the extra mile to ensure you’re making informed decisions about your new or renovated space.